Chou Yang Porridge Review

If you are looking for porridge in Bayan Lepas area, you will definitely think about Chou Yang Porridge which located directly opposite to Bukit Jambul Shopping complex in Bayan Lepas. The actual stall name is called Restoran Istimewa Chou Yang (朝阳小粥馆). Here is how the front view looks like.

Chou Yang Porridge front view

Chou Yang Porridge Environment

Chou Yang is located at the busy T-junction of Jalan Rumbia, in front of Bukit Jambul Complex.  Click here for the map. The dining table is simple, with some plastic chair and table as shown in above picture.

Chou Yang Porridge dining table

Chou Yang Porridge stall

This stall is actually specialized in Teow Chew porridge with lot of variety of dishes that displayed on the stall. The overall restaurant condition is consider clean as I do not observe any fly even though the dishes is left open in open air. The restaurant does not equip with air conditional and you will need to enjoy the food under the fan.

Does Chou Yang Porridge taste good?

I and my friend actually tried 5 dishes and here is how it looks like.

Chou Yang Porridge Variety

From the picture above, you can observe that the dishes come with different plate color; this implies that different dishes will have difference price tag. Overall, the taste of the food is just normal and it is good for me to dine in when I need some simple lunch with porridge. There are limited porridge stall in Bayan Lepas and this is one of it.

There are some other choices which taste better like Tai Buan Porridge in town area and Ang Leong Porridge in Pulau Tikus.  If you are working in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone, I believe Chou Yang porridge is the best selection as you have limited lunch time session.

Will I come again?


Restaurant information:

Name: Restoran Istimewa Chou Yang

Address: Jalan Rumbia, Sungai Nibong Kecil, 11900 Bukit Jambul, Penang

Operation Hours: Nil

Cuisine: porridge

Homepage: Nil

Email: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Specialized in Teow Chew styled porridge with varieties of dishes selection
  • Price of the dishes is dependant to the color of the plate
  • No air conditional
  • Limited parking
  • Strategic location which is directly opposite to Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex

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  1. I usually come for the economy rice only, haven’t tried the porridge before. But after reading your article, perhaps I should! :-)

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