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Magazine road; one of the busiest streets in Penang. Along the famous Magazine road, you will found a little gem stall that sell Teow Chew Porridge beside Bee Hong Cafe. This little Teow Chew style porridge stall does not have any sign board that show it name, but it is a well know place for the common customer that demand a light lunch with variety of dishes to accompany with Teow Chew porridge.

Bee Hong porridge front view

Teow Chew Porridge Environment

This Teow Chew Porridge stall is quiet famous due to its method on how the customer sit and enjoy the porridge. The customer is used to sit on top of 3 stools to enjoy the porridge. Here is how the actual dining condition looks like.

Bee Hong porridge dining condition

I have no idea why they need to sat in this method to consume their lunch! I have personally tried it and sit on the triple stools. It is really cool and the porridge do taste better. This is really interesting and unique; you can only found this is the porridge stall beside the Bee Hong Cafe.

Bee Hong dishes selection

All the dishes selection is properly arrange on top of the table. There are more than 25 dishes that freshly cooked every day. The selection has salted vegetable, bean curd, salted fish, steam fish, roast pork and many more. You should try it when you are here in Penang.

Grabing the order

Upon the request from the customer, the owner will pick up a small plate and scoop up a small portion of the dishes for the customer to dine with the porridge. There are no limits on the number of dishes that you order, but i would advise you to order the quantity that sufficient for you only. Please do not waste food; especially these good Teow Chew food selection.

Bee Hong Porridge dining setting

Well, if you do not dare to sit on the triple stools, you can choose to dine in normal table and enjoy the Teow Chew Porridge. For me, as a food blogger; i have chosen to dine using the triple stools as i do really able to feel the actual 1950’s Penang taste. I do enjoy sitting there even though it is hard for me to sit as i am wear a jean.  You can feel how the local Penang worker who enjoy the porridge when sitting on these near extinct dining method.

Does the Teow Chew Porridge taste good?

I have ordered 3 dishes and 2 bowls of plain porridge and here is how the actual dishes look like.

My Bee Hong Porridge

First dishes on the top left are the bean curd cube and the dish on the right is the fried eggplant in chili paste. The third dishes are actually the salted vegetable which is not shown in the picture above. With the three dishes, I actually able to finish two big bowl of plain porridge. Total cost to me is just RM 4.50 which I may consider this is cheap when comparing to Tai Buan Porridge.

Bee Hong Porridge

The plain porridge is actually stored in the ceramic vase as shown above. The main purpose is to let the hot porridge to be cold down before it being serve to customer. I do like this kind of setting as it is really simple and nice. No poison toxic is being released when compare to the plastic type container.

Will I come again?


Restaurant Information:

Name: Teow Chew Porridge beside Bee Hong Cafe

Address: Magazine road

Operation hours: 11am till finish

Cuisine: Porridge

Homepage: Nil

Email: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Local Penang taste with strong old timer dining style using triple stools
  • Teow Chew porridge with multiple choice of dishes selection.
  • Stall close upon the dishes is completely sold out which is somewhere around 5-6pm.
  • No parking, you will need to park at the First Avenue shopping center which is directly opposite  Bee Hong Cafe
  • Low cost when compare to other competition.
  • No air conditioned. Open air with Fan.

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  1. It’s a down-to-the-earth, traditional stall. :-)

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