Sri Nibong Kuey Teow Soup Review

Sri Nibong Kuey Teow Soup Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

If you was working in Bayan Lepas Free trade zone, Penang; you will definitely known about this Kuey Teow Soup stall which located in Sri Nibong Cafe. Here is how the actual product looks like.


This Kuey Teow Soup is kind of unique in Penang as it has lots of topping like, egg, minced pork and fish balls. For normal Kuey Teow soup stall in Penang, most probably that you won’t get such a huge amount of topping as shown above and you will get similar version to Ah Kok Kuey Teow Soup.

Sir Nibong Cafe Kuey Teow Soup Environment

Sri Nibong is a small cafe located on the corner unit of a row of shop lot. It has multiple stalls and varieties for you to choose. If you are new to Sri Nibong Cafe, you will definitely having problem to choose the right dishes for your lunch.


There is limited car park located in front of the cafe, but there is sufficient car park at the back of the cafe. You can choose to park at the side of the main road or park at the residential area.  The cafe is kind of crowed with customer and you will need to drive slowly passing by the cafe to prevent any accident happen.


Above is the actual Kuey Teow soup stall in the Sri Nibong cafe. What you need to do is to make the order at the counter and let them know your table number.  You noodle will be delivered within 10 minutes.

Does Sri Nibong Kuey Teow Soup taste good?

I have ordered one bowl of the Kuey Teow Soup and here is how it looks like.




The Kuey Teow soup cost me RM4.30 per bowl. I think it is kind of cheap as it comes with lots of minced pork, several fish ball and an egg.  If you feel starving, this will definitely fill up your stomach without any issue. The taste is great and it does taste a little bit like Maggi chicken instant noodle soup. You can consume all the noodle, ingredient and left behind an empty bowl at the end.  The soup is kind of oily to my taste but it may be normal to the public; I do prefer the clear type chicken soup which served in Ah Kok Kuey Teow Soup.

Will I come again?


Restaurant information:

Name: Sri Nibong Kuey Teow Soup

Address: Sri Nibong Cafe

Operation Hours:  Tues – Sunday; 6:30AM tills 3PM       Tues – Saturday; 7:00 PM tills 10:00PM

Cuisine: Kuey Toew soup

Homepage: Nil

Tel: Nil

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Kuey Teow Soup with lots of topping
  • Value for money; RM4.30 per bowl
  • Excellent taste
  • Limited car park
  • No air condition
  • Long waiting time: > 10 minutes as they cook upon order.
  • Operate in two session i.e. morning and night
  • Not Halal

Other Resoureces:

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  1. This is indeed one of my favorite stall. Quite affordable too. :-)

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