My Own Cafe Review

My Own Cafe Review, 3.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

My Own Cafe (我的咖啡馆), a small cafe located directly opposite to the entrance of famous tourist spot, Khoo KongSi along Lebuh Cannon. I have been passing by Lebuh Cannon many times and noticed this Cafe. And, finally I made a trip there on last Sunday during my food hunt trip.

My Own Cafe front view

In My Own Cafe, there are 3 food stalls; Asam Laksa stall by Mr. Cheah, the western food and mua-chee (Glutinous Rice Balls) .  You can find the stalls when you enter to the cafe’s gate. My wife searching thru the menu and decided to try the specialty of the cafe – Asam Laksa.

My Own Cafe’s Environment

The interior of the cafe is with the theme of traditional Penang. My Own Cafe still preserve the original wooden window frame and old fashion design floor tiles.  This cafe come with high ceiling with wooden floor on upstair; antique wooden chair as dining table and good old tile floor.  The most unique antique you may find in there are the steel safety box.

My Own Cafe interrior

Excellent environment but only down side is no air conditional. The number of ceiling fan is insufficient; you might get sweat when dining there. There are some wall art on the left side but no wall art in the right side. The owner may need to further investment on the decoration to make this cafe more comfortable.

My Own Cafe  dining environment

Does My Own Cafe Asam Laksa taste good?


My Own Cafe Asam Laksa

My Own Cafe  Menu

My Own Cafe  Asam Laksa 2

Comparing the actual asam laksa vs. the version that displayed in the menu, it does give 80~90%  close to what you see and what you get. There are a lot of fish, onions and some vegetable. The most important thing is the Asam’s soup, it is quiet red in color. In other word, it does taste sour.

To my surprise, the asam laksa made by Mr. Cheah tastes excellent. The taste is just perfect to my tongue;  the sour and spicy taste is just “gum gum”, well balanced. If you prefer more spicy, just add some chili padi.  When compare to the famous Kim Laksa in Balik Pulau or the Ayer Itam Laksa, personally I think Mr. Cheah’s is better. Now, Mr. Cheah’s Asam Laksa will be in my favorite list.

I surely recommend you to try it out. After you have try it, do let me have your feedback on My Own Cafe Asam Laksa tastes and give your comments and rating on it below this blog.

My Own Cafe  with Mr.Cheah Mr. Cheah and Me

Will I come again?

Yes, I will.

Restaurant information:

Name: My Own Cafe

Address: 2, Lebuh Cannon, 10200 Georgetown, Penang

Operating Hours: 8:00AM tills 5:00PM, Open every day.

Cuisine: Asam Laksa, Local Penang food

Homepage: Nil

Tel: Mr. Cheah 012-4532453

Best Penang Food Editor’s Review:

  • Located in the center of the heritage area.
  • Sell local Penang food, Asam Laksa in a pre-war house along Lebuh Cannon
  • Great asam Laksa, comparable to the famous asam laksa stall in Balik Pulau or Ayer Itam.
  • Good old Penang decoration
  • Only fan, no air conditional
  • No tax or service charge
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  1. wow… didn’t know u r blogging also… Nice…

  2. I thought it is a tourist trap. :-)

    Well, perhaps it is worth trying after all. :-)

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