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About BestPenangFood

Welcome to BestPenangFood.com! Place where I share on how to get the best food in Penang.

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About Me

I am Wong Pow Long, from Penang, Malaysia. I am a full time MNC Engineer and  a part time blogger for Passive-Income-Everyday, BestPenangFood and Photography-lab

I was born in Seremban, the capital of state Negeri Sembilan. But currently I am working in Penang Free Trade Zone’s Factory for more than 10+years.  I am considered a lucky man as I have a stable income, a happy family with 3 handsome sons and a lovely wife.

Why I created BestPenagFood?

I like to travel around the world and so do you right?  I used to travel in back pack style to Asia country like Thailand and Cambodia. Prior to travelling, I used to plan out my trip and identify the items that I want to explore, especially the local food during the trip. I am passion on food; this is part of the reason that I getting a bigger tummy. During travelling, I can find the local food that available but I found that it is hard to find the best local food to try out. Even thought I can find it, I have difficulty in ordering it. These inspire and fuel my passion in creating this blog to share what the best Penang food available, where to find it, and how to order it.

I hope that you can enjoy all the best Penang food based on the info that I share in the blog within the limited that that you travel to Penang.

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