Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit Review

This year the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) falls on 8th Sept, 2014. Just around the corner…7 days to go. Nowadays, there are getting more and more new varieties for moon cakes. I personally still prefer the traditional lotus paste moon cake (月饼) and moon biscuit (公仔饼). I am a nuts lover and my all time favorite […]

Pik Nik Everyday Review

I got to known about Pik Nik Everyday which located in Nagore road as my Best Penang Food Facebook page is being swamped by it! There are more than 5 posts per day in my page! This is real good news for Pik Nik Everyday as they are making good progress in doing networking; and […]

Moon Tree 47 Cafe Review

“Moon Tree 47 Cafe”, interesting name but I have no idea what does it mean. It has no relationship to Cafe either. I found this cafe when I was looking for cafe around the Jalan Muntri, Georgetown. By now, you should able to guess that the shop name is actually link to it location. Muntri […]

Victoria Sweet Pastry Review

Victoria sweet pastry was located on new commercial area called Vantage Desiran Tanjung Tokong. The grand opening was happen on 6th Sept where are the visitor is being greet with a free buffet. Here is how the grand opening looks like. Victoria sweet pastry environment Victoria sweet pastry is well decorated with pure white dining […]

Kurtos Spiroll Review

There is a new food corner opened in 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall, Penang, Kurtos Spiroll is one of the new restaurant that sell dessert/pastry alike in the food corner. Here is how the front view of the Kurtos Spiroll looks like. The shop lot is pretty small and nearly 70% of the shop lot […]

Coffee bean 50th Anniversary 50% OFF

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is celebrating 50 years anniversary!!  Enjoy 50% discount on selected product. Date : April 29 (Monday), May 27(Monday)  and June 24 (Monday)    From 2 to 6pm only. Since this happen in working day, Monday, You may not able to get the deal for the worker group…. hai… 50% discount… […]

Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖) Review

During 2013 Chinese New Year, I found Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)  at Seremban S2; directly in front of Min Kok Dim Sum Restaurant. When you reached the Min Kok restaurant, you will definitely found Mr. Tey and his bicycle that carry the Malt Candy around the Seremban city. Here is how Mr. Tey mobile bicycle […]

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits Review

I got to known about Leong Chee Kee Biscuits Bakery shop (梁池记老饼家) when I was watching Ah Xian TV show. I did not pay a visit immediately as I am not sure where it is. I know that this bakery shop is located near Campbell Street but I did not remember there is any bakery […]

Huey and Wah Cafe Review

Kind of bored to Starbuck or Coffee bean? Well, last Wednesday, my wife found a new Café in Straits Quay Penang which sells coffee, snack and marshmallows! Interesting is it? We decide to pay a visit on the Sunday to try out this little café so called Huey and Wah Cafe. Wide angle view of […]

The View Review | Equatorial Hotel

Now is 11:54 PM , 1st Jan 2013. I started my first 2013 food review post during midnight. I would like to wish Best Penang Food reader Happy New Year and welcome to the year of snake. Let start off 2013 year’s review with “The View” Restaurant in Equatorial Hotel in Penang.  The View restaurant […]

42 La Boheme review

When you first hear about 42 La Boheme, do you think of cake and pastry?  May be… or you think about some French opera by Giacomo Puccini?  To tell you the truth, I only aware that it is related to French Opera when I write this review.   Actually, I got to know this restaurant  when […]

Satay Hut Review

Satay Hut serve authentic Malays food likes satay, nasi lemak and roti Jala as breakfast. It also famous for it cupcake !! In short, we called it , the cupcake café. That how get famous and how it name get founded. The environment Satay Hut Is located in 1-stop Midland park. There are 2 major […]

Chocolate Passion Cafe Straight Quay << Handmade chocolate

Chocolate passion café Straight Quay is owned by CHOC Artisan founded by Callin Tan, the chocoholic who is an vivid chocolate lover. This cafe is famous for their handmade chocolate which made from premium grade ingredient, i.e. coco. How I found out Chocolate Passion ? One day, my wife and my children come back from […]

Fettuccine carbonara | Sweet Forest Pastry & Sandwich Cafe << BestPenangFood

What is Fettuccine à carbonara? This is an Italian word where Fettuccine refer to a type of pasta in the form of ribbon and carbonara is refer to the sauce for pasta containing eggs, minced bacon or ham, grated cheese, and seasonings. In short , it is exactly as what you see in above picture […]

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