De Tai Tong Dim Sum Review

De Tai Tong Café (大东酒楼) is located in Cintra Street, Penang and it is specialized in Dim Sum. On 16th September 2013, which is 3 days before the Mid-Autumn Festival; me, my kid and my wife was set for another food hunt in Penang downtown for dinner.  We were planning to go for Char Koay […]

Yin Pin Dim Sum Review

Sunday morning is always interesting for me, where our whole family will go out for breakfast.  Normally, we will go to the restaurant beside Evergreen Hotel, Gurney drive to have our breakfast. Last weekend, we decided to go to Yin Pin Dim Sum (迎宾点心小厨) inside Gurney ABC Food court which was just open on 15 […]

Master Choo Kitchen Review

Master Choo Kitchien is a restaurant located inside First Avenue Mall, Penang which sell Hong Kong Style Dim Sum.  Since this is part of the shopping complex stall, you will able to enjoy the Hong kong Style Dim Sum all day long, from Monday till Sunday. Me and my family was shopping around First Avenue […]

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