Asiatique Review

Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge is located in Vantage, Tanjong Tokong; a newly developed commercial area by E&O. The occupancy rate here is low and it started with some restaurants like Asiatique and Victoria Sweet Pastry.  Picture below show the front view of Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge restaurant. Viewing from the front of the restaurant, you […]

David Brown’s Restaurant Review

David Brown’s & Tea Terrace Restaurant is located on top of the Penang Hill.  In order to access to this restaurant, you have 2 choices; first is the famous Penang Cable car and the second is thru the 4WD Jeep. For me, I personally like to use the cable car as it is fast. You […]

David Brown Christmas 5 Course Dinner Promotion

Are you looking for a place where you and your beloved one to enjoy a 5 course fine dining dinner during Christmas? Enjoying some strawberry sorbet as appetizer ! Roast turkey slice as main course And finally end with a mini bomb Alaska as dessert ! I have personally tasted the 5 course fine dining […]

Les Memoires Bistro Review

Les Memoires is closed ! Seem like fine dining with low price tag just does not work ! or there is any other reason, do let me know! “Les Memoires” means “The Memories” in English.  Does it really leave strong memories after you dining in Les Memoires Bistro? Les Memoires is located in corner of […]

Heaven Gate Review | King Street

Where am I? Am I in heaven? Have I reached the gate yet? Where is Heaven Gate? King Street?    %^^&^%*)(&*546 You are far from heaven! You are still alive and thanks god that we am still here. We are going to Heaven Gate Restaurant for our lunch. I found this restaurant when I was heading […]

Irrawaddy Fine Foods Review

I and my wife set for a food hunt, and both of us took the Honda kiap to search around the Irrawaddy road. We tried to find the Irrawaddy Fine Foods in Irrawaddy fine food, but we failed. In the later stage, we found a banner that talk about the relocation of the restaurant and […]

Miraku Japanese Buffet Review

[23 April 2014] Updated Session time and price for it famous saturday Japanese buffet . Miraku Japanese Buffet is located inside G hotel, Penang. My wife has introduced me to this Japanese restaurant as she has tried the Saturday lunch buffet there. Well, I said: “Let go for it!! Btw, how much does it cost?” […]

The View Review | Equatorial Hotel

Now is 11:54 PM , 1st Jan 2013. I started my first 2013 food review post during midnight. I would like to wish Best Penang Food reader Happy New Year and welcome to the year of snake. Let start off 2013 year’s review with “The View” Restaurant in Equatorial Hotel in Penang.  The View restaurant […]

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