Gong’s Hock Kean Char Review | Air Itam Market

On 13 June, this is my second time food hunt with Brother John and the first time with Brother Johnson. This time, we journey into Air Itam market @ 10pm looking for Gong’s Hock Kean Char. Here is how the actual stall looks like. This stall has no name at the sign board and it […]

Yin Pin Dim Sum Review

Sunday morning is always interesting for me, where our whole family will go out for breakfast.  Normally, we will go to the restaurant beside Evergreen Hotel, Gurney drive to have our breakfast. Last weekend, we decided to go to Yin Pin Dim Sum (迎宾点心小厨) inside Gurney ABC Food court which was just open on 15 […]

Ms Ooi Curry Noodle Review | Wa Hong Cafe

When I was looking for curry noodle (or Kari Mee)  for breakfast, I always think about Ah Hong Curry Noodle in Li Yuan coffee shop or the Ms Ooi Curry Noodle in Wa Hong Café. Why? Both of the café is located on my journey path to work. A slight De-tour might be needed, but […]

Ali Nasi Lemak Review

Walking around Penang Heritage and banking area is kind of fun and exploring. You can find lots of good foods while enjoying the heritage scenery. I was there in lebuh pantai ~ 8am hunting for Nasrul nasi tomato, but the bad news is. It is not ready yet till sometime around 830am. While waiting for […]

Jamila Cafe’s Nasi Lemak Review

On Friday morning, I had been to a new place beside HSBC, the financial district to get a pack of nasi lemak for my breakfast. I get to know about this place when I was chatting with friend when I have my breakfast in Amy Nasi Lemak Jalan Kelawei I have never been there before, […]

Chee Cheong Fun Review | Island Park Kopitiam

After blogging for 5 months, and one day, I received a mail from Doreen, Penang that she recommended me to go to Island Park Kopitiam to try out the Chee Cheong Fun.  I don’t know who is Doreen and we start to communicate thru e-mail. After go thru several mail, seem like very attractive and […]

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