Sakana Sushi | Revisit

My first visit to Sakana Sushi was happen in April 2013 (Actual posting on May 2013). After one year (wow,… time pass pretty fast); Alex has invited me to pay a visit to his Sakana Sushi bar to try our his sushi. Alex told me that he had finally get hired an executive Japanese chef […]

Luxe 18 Review

When I hear about Luxe 18, it does sound like a high class western food with fine dining selections. Luxe means luxury and elegance. Luxe 18 restaurant and bistro is located in shop lot in front of 1 world condominium. It is actually walking distance from JT western food and Chubi Kitchen. Does Luxe 18 […]

Asiatique Review

Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge is located in Vantage, Tanjong Tokong; a newly developed commercial area by E&O. The occupancy rate here is low and it started with some restaurants like Asiatique and Victoria Sweet Pastry.  Picture below show the front view of Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge restaurant. Viewing from the front of the restaurant, you […]

Lovecipes Cafe Review

Lovecipes is the fusion of two words, i.e. love and recipes! In Chinese, it is called “爱心味”. All the food prepared in the cafe is full with love and passion. No preservative (or MSG) is being added. The cafe is located in the middle of a row of commercial office along Rangoon road. Around the […]

Food Panda Review

Food Panda is a newly startup company with less than 5 years old.  It is started up in Singapore on year 2011 to provide food delivery service from the restaurant to customer. Customer will make the order in Food Panda’s local web and the food will be delivered within 1 hour. At the time that […]

Sister Cook Review

Sister cook is a newly open Chinese Fu Jian Sha-Xian (福建沙县) province styled restaurant located in Cantonment road. The restaurant was less than one years old from its opening date on 1 March 2013. As you can see from above picture, Cantonment road in Pulau Tikus is crowded with traffic. I am actually standing in […]

David Brown’s Restaurant Review

David Brown’s & Tea Terrace Restaurant is located on top of the Penang Hill.  In order to access to this restaurant, you have 2 choices; first is the famous Penang Cable car and the second is thru the 4WD Jeep. For me, I personally like to use the cable car as it is fast. You […]

JT Western Station Review

JT Western Station is a newly open western food restaurant located in Terrace Plus at The One which developed by Ideal property group Penang. Terrace Plus is located directly in front of 1-World condominium. This is a new area with 3 columns of double storey shop lots that start to boom recently. At the time […]

Sakana Sushi Bar Review

[28 April 2014] Check it out! Sakana revisit When you are driving or walking along Penang road; the famous tourist concentration street in Penang, you will found Sakana Sushi bar and cuisine. Sakana Sushi bar has started the business on August 2012 and it is less than one year old at the time I write […]

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