Mr. Pot Cafe Review

Looking for a café that run 24hrs a day? This should not be a big problem in Penang as you will always found lot of Nasi Kandar restaurant. Hey, I believe you have been bored with Nasi Kandar right? Well, here I would like to introduce Mr. Pot Café to you and it run 24 […]

Ali Nasi Lemak Review

Walking around Penang Heritage and banking area is kind of fun and exploring. You can find lots of good foods while enjoying the heritage scenery. I was there in lebuh pantai ~ 8am hunting for Nasrul nasi tomato, but the bad news is. It is not ready yet till sometime around 830am. While waiting for […]

Jamila Cafe’s Nasi Lemak Review

On Friday morning, I had been to a new place beside HSBC, the financial district to get a pack of nasi lemak for my breakfast. I get to know about this place when I was chatting with friend when I have my breakfast in Amy Nasi Lemak Jalan Kelawei I have never been there before, […]

Amy Nasi Lemak Review

Amy Nasi Lemak is located in the intersection of Jalan Jones and Jalan Kelawei. There is a row of stall that can be found beside UDA Flat and Amy stall  is one of it.  They has been selling there for more than 30 years and now is taken care by second generation owner, Mr Aimi. […]

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