Fruuze Frozen Yogurt Review

If you have been to Strait Quay’s Papa Rich, you will definitely found Fruuze frozen yogurt which is directly opposite to it.  For each visit to Straits Quay, Penang, my family minimum spending there is ~RM25. Why? Because both of my children likes Fruuze frozen yogurt. They will guide us to the shop and make […]

Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖) Review

During 2013 Chinese New Year, I found Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)  at Seremban S2; directly in front of Min Kok Dim Sum Restaurant. When you reached the Min Kok restaurant, you will definitely found Mr. Tey and his bicycle that carry the Malt Candy around the Seremban city. Here is how Mr. Tey mobile bicycle […]

Huey and Wah Cafe Review

Kind of bored to Starbuck or Coffee bean? Well, last Wednesday, my wife found a new Café in Straits Quay Penang which sells coffee, snack and marshmallows! Interesting is it? We decide to pay a visit on the Sunday to try out this little café so called Huey and Wah Cafe. Wide angle view of […]

6Celcious Take Away Review | Gurney Plaza

Gurney Plaza has expanded it shop network to 5th and 6th floor,  with more variety of food choices restaurant in 6th floor. There are more than 10 choices there and you will found 6Celcious Take Away is the first shop on the left hand side of the entrance when you enter from the car park. […]

Rare | Mr Loh | Pan Grilled Bean Curd Review | Cecil Market Penang

  Want to get some special breakfast ? Let go get some Mr Loh’s pan grilled bean curd @ Cecil Market !! This is a rare dishes !! I have been looking for Mr Loh’s stll  for 2 years since he have moved from Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 beside the Ban Chang Kuih to Cecil […]

Peanut Sesame Granola Bar|花生芝麻糖 @ Kuan Ying Teng Temple<

Peanut Sesame Granola Bar | 花生芝麻糖 is a very famous snack which located in the Kuan Ying Teng Temple | 观音亭in Penang . I use to go to the temple on every first and fifteenth day of the Chinese  calender to pray the God of Mercy. As  always, i picked up some peanut granola bar after […]

Apom Balik|慢煎糕|Ban Chang Kuih | Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, Penang

What is Apom Balik | 慢煎糕 | Ban Chang Kuih ? In my previous post , we talk about the Sandwich guide selection. Today, let me introduce you to this new dishes 慢煎糕.  Apom Balik is the tradition pancake of Malay. It normally cook with some topping of sugar, sweet corn and most important is the […]

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