Ah Seng Roasted Chicken Wing Review | Song River

When I think about supper in Gurney drive, I always think about the Crepe Cottage and the Ah Seng roasted chicken wing stall at Song River hawker center. Why? Because both the food is delicious! Song River restaurant is just walking distance from Crepe Cottage; you can just pack some chicken wing from Song River […]

Hamburger Review

Early of July’13, Brother John spotted a new burger restaurant that has just open for business along Jalan Tanjung Tokong. It is called Hamburger. They sell hamburger similar to Stack Burger in Siam road. Without hesitation, we have paid a visit to Hamburger on 8 July. Here is how the stall looks like. Hamburger is […]

Ah Soon Char Koay Teow Review

Sunday afternoon was always a problematic hours to get good food, and we are lucky that Ah Soon Char Koay Teow is opened. Ah Soon Char Koay Teow is located along Jalan Sungai Kelian, which is walking distance from Gusto Café.  It is a hawker stall which parked in front of Huat Heng Café as […]

Stacks Burger Review

[April 4, 2014] Stacks Burger has been moved to this new address since Mid Dec 2013 : 110E, Jalan Transfer, Georgetown. * Picture is source from Stacks Burger Facebook photo album. In year 2013, a strong trend growth where burger’s bun is made with bamboo charcoal powder and matched with pork patty as filler. Does […]

Ho Ping Pork Porridge Review

Want to get porridge for dinner or supper?  My friend John has just introduced me a new place to get good pork porridge at Ho Ping café  along Lorong Kampung Malabar.  Here is how is the actual stall looks likes. The pork porridge stall is actually located outside of Ho Ping Café. If you look […]

Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖) Review

During 2013 Chinese New Year, I found Tey Malt Candy (贵妃糖)  at Seremban S2; directly in front of Min Kok Dim Sum Restaurant. When you reached the Min Kok restaurant, you will definitely found Mr. Tey and his bicycle that carry the Malt Candy around the Seremban city. Here is how Mr. Tey mobile bicycle […]

Village Coffee shop Tom Yum Noodle soup review

Every morning, I will pass by Village coffee shop along Jalan Pengkalan Weld, Penang and I ended disappointed as they did not open at morning. Here is how it looks like. If you are driving from Penang Ferry to Bayan Lepas direction, you will never miss Village coffee shop which located on the left side. […]

Ms Liang Oyster Porridge Review

If you are visiting Penang, oyster porridge (蚝干粥) is one of the dishes that you should not miss.  You can only found this dish for the city near the sea like Penang.  I don’t remember I see any oyster porridge stall in my hometown, Seremban. Today, I am going to review Ms Liang Oyster Porridge […]

Ho Chiak Curry Mee Review

[23 April 2014]  I have make a visit to this cafe today and found that the Ho Chiak Curry Mee is not there any more. I would assume it had closed. Ho chiak (好吃) is actually a Hokkien dialogue which means delicious. This stall is located along Jalan Pengkalan Weld. If you know how to go to […]

Nasrul Corner Nasi Tomato Review

I got to know Nasrul Corner’s Nasi Tomato when I visited Jamila café previously. What trigger me to dig down forward to Nasrul Corner? Well, when I reached Jamila Café, I saw this……… The Environment Jamila café is the first stall on the left, and I found that there is a bunch of people queuing […]

Raju Tosei Review

Raju’s Tosei was located at main entrance of Restaurant Chop Heap Seng along Jalan Gottlieb, Penang. Not many people know where to find a good Tosei in Penang, and today I am going to share with you one of the best in Penang. Front view of the stall Arrow above show where is Raju stall […]

Char Koay Kak Burmah Road Review

Do you know what is Char Koay Kak? If you don’t know hokkien and not from Malaysia, most probably you may not know what is this dish. Let look at the picture before explain further. Char Koay Kak is a dish which consist of the main ingredient of square alike cake which made of rice […]

Rare | Mr Loh | Pan Grilled Bean Curd Review | Cecil Market Penang

  Want to get some special breakfast ? Let go get some Mr Loh’s pan grilled bean curd @ Cecil Market !! This is a rare dishes !! I have been looking for Mr Loh’s stll  for 2 years since he have moved from Gat Lebuh Cecil 1 beside the Ban Chang Kuih to Cecil […]

Apom Balik|慢煎糕|Ban Chang Kuih | Gat Lebuh Cecil 1, Penang

What is Apom Balik | 慢煎糕 | Ban Chang Kuih ? In my previous post , we talk about the Sandwich guide selection. Today, let me introduce you to this new dishes 慢煎糕.  Apom Balik is the tradition pancake of Malay. It normally cook with some topping of sugar, sweet corn and most important is the […]

65 years+ old Prawn Hokkien Mee (虾面)/Noodle Stall, Pengkalan Weld

What is  Prawn Hokkien Mee / Noodle or Hae Mee (虾面)? If you come to Penang, this is one of the hawker food that you must pay a visit to . Here is where the Hokkien mee started. You can find this dishes in nearly every hawker stall. The bee hoon + mee (noodle) is […]

USD0.33 Vegetarian Bee Hoon Breakfast, Gat Lebuh Cecil, Penang

Picture above show the direction on how you go to locate Miss Lim Bee Hoon stall in Gat Lebuh Cecil Pengkalan Weld Pulau Pinang Malaysia.  Her stall is located in the intersection of Gat Lebuh Cecil (the main road) and Pintasan Cecil.  Do click on the picture to get a bigger view. In Miss Lim’s […]

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