Asiatique Review


Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge is located in Vantage, Tanjong Tokong; a newly developed commercial area by E&O. The occupancy rate here is low and it started with some restaurants like Asiatique and Victoria Sweet Pastry.  Picture below show the … [Continue reading]

Lovecipes Cafe Review


Lovecipes is the fusion of two words, i.e. love and recipes! In Chinese, it is called “爱心味”. All the food prepared in the cafe is full with love and passion. No preservative (or MSG) is being added. The cafe is located in the middle of a row of … [Continue reading]

Food Panda Review

Food panda logo

Food Panda is a newly startup company with less than 5 years old.  It is started up in Singapore on year 2011 to provide food delivery service from the restaurant to customer. Customer will make the order in Food Panda’s local web and the food will … [Continue reading]

Cone Pizza Review


I found this Italian Cone Pizza when I was shopping at lower ground floor in Gurney Plaza. I am not a frequent customer in Gurney Plaza, but I found out that the lower ground floor has becoming a big food court with variety of franchised food stall … [Continue reading]

Old Town-RHB Buy 1 Free 1 Deal


I found this banner when i was walking by the Old Town Restaurant at Bayan Lepas. Old Town gives buy 1 free 1 deal for it my dinner set that worth RM12.90 only.  Here is the banner looks likes. It is kind of rare that Old Town gives buy 1 free … [Continue reading]

Regalo Chili Chocolate Review


On 16 Dec 2013, I was shopping around Sam’s  Groceria in Gurney Paragon shopping mall and I found this interesting stall called Regalo Choco.  When I saw this stall with in Sam’s Groceira, it gives me a feel of Chocolate Passion Cafe which sells … [Continue reading]

Sister Cook Review


Sister cook is a newly open Chinese Fu Jian Sha-Xian (福建沙县) province styled restaurant located in Cantonment road. The restaurant was less than one years old from its opening date on 1 March 2013. As you can see from above picture, Cantonment … [Continue reading]

David Brown’s Restaurant Review


David Brown’s & Tea Terrace Restaurant is located on top of the Penang Hill.  In order to access to this restaurant, you have 2 choices; first is the famous Penang Cable car and the second is thru the 4WD Jeep. For me, I personally like to use … [Continue reading]

David Brown Christmas Package Promotion


Do you want to spend the Christmas dinner with your family in windy, cooling and quiet environment?  Check out this 10 pax David Brown Christmas package promotion! Actual picture taken during the food tasting event David Brown has prepared a … [Continue reading]

David Brown Christmas 5 Course Dinner Promotion


Are you looking for a place where you and your beloved one to enjoy a 5 course fine dining dinner during Christmas? Enjoying some strawberry sorbet as appetizer ! Roast turkey slice as main course And finally end with a mini bomb Alaska … [Continue reading]

Pik Nik Everyday Review


I got to known about Pik Nik Everyday which located in Nagore road as my Best Penang Food Facebook page is being swamped by it! There are more than 5 posts per day in my page! This is real good news for Pik Nik Everyday as they are making good … [Continue reading]

Moon Tree 47 Cafe Review


“Moon Tree 47 Cafe”, interesting name but I have no idea what does it mean. It has no relationship to Cafe either. I found this cafe when I was looking for cafe around the Jalan Muntri, Georgetown. By now, you should able to guess that the shop name … [Continue reading]

Cafe 55 Penang Review


Cafe 55 had been on my waiting list for several months as I always saw it product picture on face book. In Nov’13,  I have finally made a move to pay a visit to Cafe 55 in Penang for it famous 3D coffee. Here is how the actual coffee looks … [Continue reading]

Victoria Sweet Pastry Review


Victoria sweet pastry was located on new commercial area called Vantage Desiran Tanjung Tokong. The grand opening was happen on 6th Sept where are the visitor is being greet with a free buffet. Here is how the grand opening looks like. Victoria … [Continue reading]

Siam Road Char Koay Teow Review


One of the famous Char Koay Teow stall in Penang is located in Siam road (in Malay is called Jalan Siam). I knew about this place for several years but still do not have the opportunity to pay a visit there. On one Friday afternoon, I get the … [Continue reading]

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee Review


One of the famous curry mee stall in Penang is located along Lorong Seratus Tahun, The stall name is named after the street name as Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee (百年路加哩面) or in English, it is called One Hundred Year Road Curry Noodle. Does this … [Continue reading]