Ah Seng Roasted Chicken Wing Review | Song River

When I think about supper in Gurney drive, I always think about the Crepe Cottage and the Ah Seng roasted chicken wing stall at Song River hawker center. Why? Because both the food is delicious! Song River restaurant is just walking distance from Crepe Cottage; you can just pack some chicken wing from Song River […]

Crepe Cottage Review

One of me and my wife’s favorite place for dinner or supper at Penang was going to Crepe Cottage at  Gurney Drive (Persiaran Gurney), Penang. The restaurant is located on a small bungalow along Gurney Drive.  Even thought that you pass by Gurney Drive in daily matter, you may not found this little place as […]

Mr. Pot Cafe Review

Looking for a café that run 24hrs a day? This should not be a big problem in Penang as you will always found lot of Nasi Kandar restaurant. Hey, I believe you have been bored with Nasi Kandar right? Well, here I would like to introduce Mr. Pot Café to you and it run 24 […]

Yin Pin Dim Sum Review

Sunday morning is always interesting for me, where our whole family will go out for breakfast.  Normally, we will go to the restaurant beside Evergreen Hotel, Gurney drive to have our breakfast. Last weekend, we decided to go to Yin Pin Dim Sum (迎宾点心小厨) inside Gurney ABC Food court which was just open on 15 […]

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