Leong Yin Special Mixed Nuts Moon Biscuit Review

This year the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) falls on 8th Sept, 2014. Just around the corner…7 days to go. Nowadays, there are getting more and more new varieties for moon cakes. I personally still prefer the traditional lotus paste moon cake (月饼) and moon biscuit (公仔饼). I am a nuts lover and my all time favorite […]

42 La Boheme review

When you first hear about 42 La Boheme, do you think of cake and pastry?  May be… or you think about some French opera by Giacomo Puccini?  To tell you the truth, I only aware that it is related to French Opera when I write this review.   Actually, I got to know this restaurant  when […]

Fettuccine carbonara | Sweet Forest Pastry & Sandwich Cafe << BestPenangFood

What is Fettuccine à carbonara? This is an Italian word where Fettuccine refer to a type of pasta in the form of ribbon and carbonara is refer to the sauce for pasta containing eggs, minced bacon or ham, grated cheese, and seasonings. In short , it is exactly as what you see in above picture […]

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