Tai Buan Porridge Review

Every time that I am fallen in sick, I will always look for porridge for lunch. You may not need to get into sick before you hunt for porridge! This is only valid for me! Today I am going to introduce you a porridge stall called Tai Buan Porridge (大满粥) located in Jalan Muntri. Do […]

Food Panda Review

Food Panda is a newly startup company with less than 5 years old.  It is started up in Singapore on year 2011 to provide food delivery service from the restaurant to customer. Customer will make the order in Food Panda’s local web and the food will be delivered within 1 hour. At the time that […]

7 Village Noodle House Review

In year 2012, I first tried 7 Village Noodle House when I was on a trip to Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai. We were having lunch there before continue to our destination.  7 Village is famous for their Kuey Teow soup. It is really tastes good but not the best. I personally still prefer the Ah […]

Noodle Station Review |e-Gate

I and 3 of my colleague was going for lunch exploration again. Today, we decided to go to e-Gate Noodle Station to try out it noodle. None of us has been there because we were normally chosen to go to Papa rich instead. Front View of Noodle Station e-Gate If you know where is e-Gate […]

Ho Chiak Curry Mee Review

[23 April 2014]  I have make a visit to this cafe today and found that the Ho Chiak Curry Mee is not there any more. I would assume it had closed. Ho chiak (好吃) is actually a Hokkien dialogue which means delicious. This stall is located along Jalan Pengkalan Weld. If you know how to go to […]

The View Review | Equatorial Hotel

Now is 11:54 PM , 1st Jan 2013. I started my first 2013 food review post during midnight. I would like to wish Best Penang Food reader Happy New Year and welcome to the year of snake. Let start off 2013 year’s review with “The View” Restaurant in Equatorial Hotel in Penang.  The View restaurant […]

Ms Ooi Curry Noodle Review | Wa Hong Cafe

When I was looking for curry noodle (or Kari Mee)  for breakfast, I always think about Ah Hong Curry Noodle in Li Yuan coffee shop or the Ms Ooi Curry Noodle in Wa Hong Café. Why? Both of the café is located on my journey path to work. A slight De-tour might be needed, but […]

Restaurant Yosenabe Steamboat Review

When you are working in the Bayan Lepas Free Trade zone, you will always tend to find new lunch dinning place to spend your lunch time as the factory’s canteen has limited variety. When it goes to steamboat, there is limited choice in Bayan Lepas. As of now, there are only 2 choices available that […]

Ali Nasi Lemak Review

Walking around Penang Heritage and banking area is kind of fun and exploring. You can find lots of good foods while enjoying the heritage scenery. I was there in lebuh pantai ~ 8am hunting for Nasrul nasi tomato, but the bad news is. It is not ready yet till sometime around 830am. While waiting for […]

Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan Review

Restaurant Banana Leaf (Daun Pisang) Sri Ananda Bahwan is a well established business model with 21 years of history. As of cot 2012, there are 9 different outlets in Malaysia. They have set a great vision to achieve the best banana leaf restaurant and catering organization in Malaysia. To meet this mission, they strongly believe […]

42 La Boheme review

When you first hear about 42 La Boheme, do you think of cake and pastry?  May be… or you think about some French opera by Giacomo Puccini?  To tell you the truth, I only aware that it is related to French Opera when I write this review.   Actually, I got to know this restaurant  when […]

Hakka Tree Review

Hakka Tree (客福家) was located at second floor of Tesco Tanjung Pinang.  It main selection dishes was developed based on Hakka tribe dishes likes Yong Tau Fu, Hakka Noodle, Hakka thunder tea rice (擂茶饭) and vinegar Trotter(猪脚醋). This is a non halal store. Target customer is Chinese and Indian. The environment Main entrance, well decorated […]

Lat Cafe Roti Canai Review

When you think about Roti Canai , you thought this is indian expertise. Well, there are nothing related to races, everybody can made good roti canai, same goes to Italian food like Pizza. Today, let me introduce to you a place in Tanjung Bungah where you can get great roti canai. i.e. Lat Cafe . […]

Sarkies Breakfast Review

With a family member of 2 children, one baby,  finding a great place for a good breakfast where the kids can play around , fill the tummy with food plus enjoy the environment is kind of hard. Luckily , we have found Sarkies breakfast at Eastern & Oriental Hotel. I am pretty sure that you […]

Satay Hut Review

Satay Hut serve authentic Malays food likes satay, nasi lemak and roti Jala as breakfast. It also famous for it cupcake !! In short, we called it , the cupcake café. That how get famous and how it name get founded. The environment Satay Hut Is located in 1-stop Midland park. There are 2 major […]

Chez Weng Review | Dining in heaven

Best Penang Food review on Chez Weng Restaurant which located in the newly developed area called Precinct 10 at Tanjung Bungah, Penang. Precinct 10 is consist of a U shaped 2 storey building.  Chez Weng is located on the right hand side after you have enter the car park. You will never miss is restaurant […]

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